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The Mexican fish or Xipho fish tail is shaped as a sword (Xiphophorus Heller) and it is a peaceful species, sociable, especially if there are enough plants for them to hide among. Therefore, if you want to see the fish always on the move, you must choose the home aquarium of at least 50 liters or more. That’s because fish like Xipho love to swim in large spaces.

Being unpretentious the little fish can be grown easily, making the Xipho (Xiphophorus Heller) a cheap solution to populate your aquarium with a showy species. This agile fish make it on the preference list of many beginners and they are opted for to populate the new aquarium due to their bright color and their beauty that lays in simplicity.

The name is drawn from the appearance of the yellow sword of large dimensions that accompanies male Xipho swimmers. Their body grows to 10-12 cm, while the female is more “full or round” and longer, while the male has a more elongated body. In their natural environment (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras) are green, while the U.S. (in fact, in captivity – everywhere) exemplars are presented in a variety of attractive colors.

It is advisable to cover the aquarium with a lid because Xipho Fish are slightly claustrophobic and can jump out if it has nothing to constrain him in the tank! It’s a group species whom likes to live with he’s own species but also lives well with similar species.

It should be ensured that water from the aquarium is  maintained at a constant temperature of 20-25 degrees, and every two weeks, it is refreshed by changing a part of it (but always use the stagnant water o at least 72 hours).

Xiphophorus Heller

Usually, it is not demanding in terms of food (that does not mean eating anything!). If they were to choose, they would prefer frozen plankton and live Tubifex (give them a good washing) and once a week and red mosquito larvae. You can give them scalded and chopped lettuce or seaweed powder (you can even clean the tank walls and they will eat that).

Xipho fish changes sex!

Males and females are very active, therefore, mating is common. The pregnant female from the tail fin is seen as a more pronounced staining. Can be born even 100 fishes at once. Since it can happen for the parents to eat their young it is indicated that the female should be separately placed into a smaller aquarium in which to arrange a kind of lower basin, with holes in the bottom (small, so the mother can’t pass, but large enough to allow the newborn babies to pass in the tank higher). The youngsters will be safe and soon will begin to swim. Juveniles will eat plankton or very finely chopped Tubifex.

What is particularly interesting to Xipho is that, in some cases, females can turn into males: their fin from the tail turns into a kind of protrusion and lengthens the lower tail. The reverse, however, is not possible: a male will never turn into the female.

Xipho Pictures Gallery

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