Water heating tank

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The optimum temperature for heating the aquarium is 25 to 26 ° C. Maintaining this temperature is achieved with different heating tools. For a beginner it is preferable to use an immersion heating device, its strength should be depending on the tank volume, so 1 W to 1 liter of water.

Particular emphasis should be paid to the location of heating elements in the aquarium. The heating device will be placed so that heat is released uniformly throughout the tank without large temperature differences. To measure temperature using special thermometers should be placed away from heat source to not be influenced directly. Ensure the tank heating is achieved by a wide range of processes. Thus, you can use regular light bulbs, 25-75W, which are fixed near the side wall of the tank near the bottom in order to heat all the water.

With the same purpose boxes are used to heat, the “coil” type heater reflector lamp oil (when there is no electricity), electric heaters, especially those which are equipped with thermostatic command can be purchased commercially.

Aquariums require artificial heating in autumn and winter seasons, when sunlight is insufficient for both plants and fish.

If you use electric heaters, we have to take into account the minimum security measures to prevent the phenomenon of electric shock.

Choosing a heater from the above, the choice should be based on the size of the population pool of different species.

The aquarium water temperature depends not only on these heaters, but also the thickness of sand sitting on his bed, or the coverage of the cover.

Preferably, is that fish are grown in winter in tanks with a greater capacity since temperature fluctuations would happen very often in smaller tanks.

Any of the techniques chosen should be monitored continuously to make sure that the temperature conducive to life doesn’t affect the fish.

Cooling water tank

Because the sun in summer, the water tank is heated at more than the normal temperature, for which water must be cooled by various means.

To decrease the temperature of the tank different solutions are used like electric fans or the heater coil, the water in this pipe is not heated, but passed through vessels filled with pieces of ice with salt.

When you see an overheating of the water, you should not put pieces of ice, because they contain impurities, and cooling is not uniform.

No matter which of the two ways of cooling water used, it is important that water temperature is always controlled so as not to cause a drop below its normal range.

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