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Anyone who sees a turtle in a pet shop can not resist the temptation to take home at leas one. Although they have only a few centimeters you should bear in mind that they grow fairly quickly and can live long enough if they are cared for properly. You shouldn’t take a frog unless you are absolutely sure you will find the proper place for it in your house. In pet shops, the most popular species is the Florida turtle (Chrysemys scripta elegans) or simply turtle with red temples.

Its name comes from the red spots that have started behind the eyes. The turtle is as a chicken egg, but in a few years become a “monster” and that is why the tank will either be bought big from the start or it will be changed along the way. It is preferable to choose a larger aquarium in which to put two frogs that you can watch them whenever you feel the need to relax (it is a pleasure to see how they swim).

The turtles shell is covered with scales which periodically change and that help increase the turtle’s size. The emerging scales also have a different color than the preceding ones and it is the best thing you can see at this mature turtles. The turtle shell growth is not realized by multiplying scales as one might think, but by increasing them in size.

Turtles must be washed, a process that consists of rubbing with a toothbrush.

To strengthen the shell is advisable to put in the aquarium one block of calcium found in pet shop sites and has the shape of frog and turtles must also be provided with a light source in order to be able to synthesize vitamin D (for shell hardening).

These reptiles reach sexual maturity at the age of 2-5 years for males and 5-7 years respectively for female. If you’re wondering how to figure out if you have female or male turtle, you can do that with the achievement of sexual maturity you can differentiate males from females by a few very simple elements present at the front side. Males have much longer claws than females and a larger tail. The male insertion are concave, while the females have a more domed insertion.

Those who already have seen turtles get scared when they retire in their characteristic shell. A turtle can not, leave the shell and still survive.

These reptiles are omnivore. Their food is bought from pet shops and it is specially prepared for them or it can be consisting of some very thin and long worms (Tubifex); or the turtles can diced to eat apples small carrots and pieces of salad. Not all turtles ares the same (some are more demanding as other or simply not eat carrots or apples or salad). There is a rule in terms of their feeding, that it be done only with certain foods.

In terms of reproduction was found that they reproduce very hard in captivity. They need some proper conditions such as location and arrangement of the tank, temperature, etc…

Water from the aquarium should have a suitable temperature and should always be clean. For aquarium turtles you will arrange an area with large stones or logs on which they climb out of the water to breathe or just easy to sit at the light to be heated. Water should be changed almost every day or you can mount the aquarium with a water filter which will save you the effort.

I have found from personal experience that turtles like to move so you can leave the room or yard for them to “walk”. Make sure you watch to make sure that they can not be doing anything (like to stick in the most unexpected places so do not be surprised when you find them up on who knows where).

In conclusion, the turtles have grown to be some very popular pets worldwide and have proved to be suitable for their role. The friend who can not get a dog or cat maybe buy turtles. While dogs are said to be man’s best friend, there are so many breeds today that you have to go through an entire dog breed list in order to find a type that is suitable to your character. Moreover, a dog breed list, or a list of cat breeds won’t help you at all if you are the kind of person who doesn’t want to spend time training their pet and taking it out for daily walks, whereas a turtle will always be there for you no matter what.

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