Tubifex worms

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In terms of feeding fish in the aquarium with Tubifex worms, Tubifex (Short Tubes), opinions are divided. Tubifex worms are part of the class Oligochaeta, Annelidae / Tubificidae family. Aquarists are not recommending these worms, not even frozen, since these Tubifex live in bacteria, mold, dirty water with no sanitation. At the same time, many aquarists recommend feeding fish with frozen Tubifex. Worm Tubes can be served whole or cut into pieces. Predatory fish love to eat live food all time around.

Being the favorite food of fish, both for those omnivores and carnivores, is the spiral worms, or better known by the name, Tubifex. But what is that and why do fish like to eat raw foods? First, these worms can be bought easily in almost any pet store products and is a tasty live food for fish. The protein content is two times higher than in water flakes, which contributes very much on the rapid growth of young fish. It is usually found in their diet because the body development is determined by this protein quantity in food. Besides this, it is recognized that it has a high content in vitamins it contains:

Vitamin A plays an important role in growth, development and reproduction;
Vitamin D (crucial to the bone),
Vitamin B (important in growth and blood circulation).

Given the origin of these worms, if fish are fed too much Tubifex (especially fresh Tubifex), some can escape alive and they can dig the bottom of the aquarium gallery, from where it is very hard to be removed. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to change the water in the tank and cleaned the gravel bottom in order to get rid of them.

Tubifex live food for fish
When feeding your fish, keep in mind that Tubifex worms may come from different backgrounds and can be carriers loads of germs or parasites, which can cause diseases to fish. Therefore, before you manage them as food, you have to clean them very well (wash them well under powerful jets of water). Recommended would be to keep them 1-2 days that after their purchase, and allow them to release their intestines, thus allowing them to not produce indigestion, not even to more sensitive fish.

How to keep worms Tubifex?
Tubifex worms live food needs more oxygen then any fish, so it is not easy to store. It is advisable to keep them two days in a bucket and to let water flow on top of them. To ensure that these worms will not transmit various diseases to aquarium fish, you can wash well in several jets of water and freeze them. After removal from the freezer, you will give them a jet of water and you will cut them in small peaces allowing them to be eaten more easily and quickly and to not get wasted by being left in the tank!

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