Tetrazona Barbus (barbels tiger)

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Being an exotic “tiger” fish the Barbus tetrazona  can be bought even if you’re not an expert of these fish species. They don’t require increased attention or care. All you have to do is to put these fish in a suitable aquarium and to arrange it, and to keep their water clean.

Scientific name: Barbus tetrazona
Family: Cyprinidae
Origin: Borneo, Indonesia, Sumatra
Size: 7 cm
Features: This is a more active, which pinches rivals fins, can live up to 6 years
Type: omnivorous
Water pH: 6.5
Water hardness: 10
Temperature: 20-26 degrees Celsius

Barbus tetrazona fish species looks?

The species-specifics of Barbus tetrazona are four black vertical stripes, these can be easily recognized. Edge fins, and nose, are colored in orange. There are variants colored in green, black, red or white. At maturity, the fish may have a length of up to 7 cm, becoming large enough as to not be eaten by other fish. At the same time, small enough to be able to grow as a whole group in your aquarium.

However, this species is not suitable for any aquarium. If hey are alone or in groups of 2-3, Barbus tetrazona will terrorize almost any other species with which it shares space. Only if they form groups of six copies they will leave others in peace. Whatever their number, it’s better to group them with docile fish, slow or long fins.

Habitat and care 
Not being a very demanding species the Barbels tiger prefer slightly acidic water. It’s good to keep a large fish aquarium, as a place for them to swim, with lots of artificial plants, located at the edges. Temperature is very important, since they hardly resist in unheated aquarium. They need only a thin and light substrate.

For a healthy immune system it is indicated to feed them with all kinds of foods. Give them quality food: both flakes and live food and frozen. They will also eat small invertebrates, and steamed vegetables.

The female lays eggs and the male fertilizes them. None of the “parents” care for the eggs. On the contrary, if left around them, they will eat them. It’s good to arrange a separate aquarium, to keep the fishes till they will increase. Before breeding, give them live food. When they formed a couple, fish them from aquarium and move them separately, in an aquarium with acidic water and fine-leaved plants. Some aquarists put beads on the bottom of the aquarium, the eggs are protected. In any case, have to move back into the reserve tank after reproduction as not to eat the newborns. Spawning is usually in the morning. If you put the pair in a separate tank and were not reproduced in a day or two, change the water temperature by increasing it  with a degree or two. The female deposited about 200 eggs, a yellow, translucent, which the male fertilizes immediately. Hatching will occur in about 36 hours after fertilization, and the babies begin to swim after another five days. Feed fishes with special food.

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