Problems and solutions of aquarium snails

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Although normally harmless, snails can, however be problematic. They can destroy the natural balance of the aquarium and, depending on the species, they can kill plants. Find out what to do to remove excess freshwater snails in the aquarium.

Most times, aquarium snails are quite beneficial: effectively clean place, reducing the amount of nitrates, are fascinating creatures, peaceful and, depending on the species, may help plant growth. However, when parasitic species multiply disallowed, they will begin to compete with other species and that will scare the fish from the aquarium. In addition, a lot of snails attached to the tank wall may not be a very pleasant image.

Peaceful methods to remove snails from freshwater aquariums

Paste the aquarium wall snails into a new aquarium where you can invent a home for them. Although the new aquarium will keep them separated from other fish and plants it will be a haven for these creatures without the snails. Even by themselves, snails are interesting specimens and they won’t make any more problems for your main aquarium. Feeding them is even easier; all you have to do is give them algae by spreading them over the water or food for fish or vegetables. A minimum level of filtration and ventilation is needed in order for them to survive.

Luring snails out of the aquarium can prove problematic; it might be unpleasant to get wet or to introduce strange objects into the aquarium. In this case, take a plastic glass and use it as a trap for snails. Put it in the center of the aquarium or anywhere where you have noticed that the snails gather. Throw the bait in it – you can choose algae. It may take several hours until they smell food and start looking for it, but after a while, the only thing you need to do is to pull them out with a spoon or even directly with the glass. Very easy, right?

Alternate uses of snails in the aquarium

Use aquarium snails as a food source can be a good solution to their overgrowing population. There are several species of fish that feed on snails, including, loach and some cichlids. Snails are, after all, part of the food chain; so treat them as such. Ball-fish is very effective in removing unwanted snails. In fact, it is necessary for this species to feed on such snails since their shell helps stop the continued growth of ball-fish teeth.

Another way to solve the snail problem is to simply destroy them. You can evenuse snails to kill other snails. There is a certain species of snail called the Assassin snail (Antentome Helena), which feeds on other snails. These snails are small and breed slowly, so they will not invade a freshwater aquarium. If no action is taken hey will destroy even the aquarium plants! There are also chemicals on the market that eliminate the aquarium snails. Copper solutions are very effective in this regard. However, with a little ingenuity, snails can be both useful and in a controlled number. Also, the introduction of chemicals in the tank may have unintended consequences. Chemicals would kill any other invertebrates in the aquarium and could endanger the life of any other species of fish or plants. They should be used only as a last resort.

Even If sometimes it is necessary to remove snails from freshwater aquariums at home, you should not overlook their usefulness.

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