Power failure

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For an aquarist, a power failure can be a tragedy. A power failure will lead not only to a light blackout but it will also leave your tank with no oxygen for the fish and with no water filterer. In such a situation we need to act quickly to minimize the damage as much as possible. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when you experience a power failure!

What you should do if a power failure occurs and there is no light outside is to go home and stop all appliances, including the aquarium filter device. If a power outage last longer then a few minutes and you do not act quickly, it can be catastrophic for the aquarium fish! Let’s see how you can save the day.

Maybe the most important think you should do when a power failure occurs is actually a think you shouldn’t do and I mean it, don’t feed the fish! During feeding, the fish consume more oxygen, during this process the exchange between them and water eliminates substances that destroy the environment and water quality (given that the filter does not work!). So it is better to make your fish hungry rather than suffocate them since they release debris into the aquarium water if fed, and produce toxic gases through decomposition. You do not have to worry that they will die of hunger, knowing that the fish survive even a week without food.

Every hour you should carefully, mix the tank water with a stick, making sure you don’t poke any fish in the aquarium. This process helps to oxygenate the aquarium water and helps fish to breathe easier. The simplest way to deal with tank water oxygenation is to on hand and an air pump that runs on batteries.

Isolation tank!

If the aquarium is placed in a spot exposed to air currents of a room, during power failure; you should attempt to isolate the tank, making sure the water temperature does not drop too much, after the power failure is fixed, you should gradually raise the temperature (sudden temperature changes affect fish life).

Clean the filter!

If your filter does not work for a long period of time, you should clean the filter very well before his reinstatement into service, or better yet change the filter if you have one around. Sometime the filter can remain clogged.

Find the cause of the power failure!

It can happen that the tank is the one to be blamed for these blackouts. If you are careless when cleaning the aquarium, you can spray water on a connector, or on a power socket and then you can expect a power failure! However, it is of most importance that the isolation of all electrical appliances is perfect (especially in the aquarium – where, if a short circuit occurs, you killed the fish!).

If you keep in mind the advice above, even a long power outage can’t seriously affect the fish from your aquarium.

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