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Who has not heard about the dangerous piranha? Are his teeth so dangerous? Serrasalmus Piranha Natterer are fish around which many legends and scary stories were woven. But how true are they really?

Piranha (Serrasalmus Natterer) – as the white shark owes their reputation to Hollywood movies. You should think about before buying this over the bloodthirsty list, since these bites either hand or foot.

Although there is a great acquisition, it is a more demanding one, so you need to grow them with love and attention (fed to him appropriate food in order to care for aquarium). But their growth is only recommended for experienced aquarists!

Piranha – a funny, but deadly fish!

Specimens kept in captivity may even reach 20-25 cm in length if you make enough room for them. Most are silver and gold with red shading in the neck. The mouth, however, is filled with specialized teeth in tearing the flesh, very sharp. This species of fish comes from the waters of South America Guiana. Basically, piranhas fish are found in all countries, despite the fact that its marketing is particularly risky. Due to its aggressive nature, it was banned in many countries to trade these fish.

Piranha Group hungry!

Piranha live in groups, which increase their danger. Their huge appetite is so strong that a group can shake, in seconds, their prey devouring it. (and are known as “red death” because their red color on the belly). Alone, is more aggressive than if in a group, but if it is frightened or feels in a stressful situation, attack without much thought to stand. Because mature piranha fish is unable to socialize, it’s better to let him continue alone, especially if at first it was kept solitaryty.

Piranha fish eating behavior.

Feeding is extremely comfortable and easy: since they just eat meat! But if the meat is live prey that is for the best. They prefer gold fish, minnow or ground frames. If you do not reach something, accept and file the heart of beef or fish. Stay away from challenges and experiences: do not ever feed him by hand because you can get grabbed very easily and in the best case, you run out of finger movements in 2 to 3 times!

Because meat consumption, affects the water quality in the aquarium; these breaks down very quickly. Food scraps and organic substances decompose and produce large amounts of ammonia which are very poisonous. And this should be taken into account, you must be very careful if you think about the growth of these fish. The water tank, ammonia should not exist in large quantities. Removal can be done by using biological filters.

If you want the piranha to have a fellow aquarium mate, it’s better to change the purchase order. First, the “friends”, will be bought, only then can be brought the piranha (one, maximum two).

Feeding them in the most regular will not wake up to eat their companions in the tank for dinner. It is recommended that if you can match with piranha large, aggressive, such as various species of African cichlids: Jack Dempsey or Aequidens rivulatus (Green Terror). Growth to not do it since such aggressive fish together, unfortunately, translates into many battles and injuries between them.

If you feel that caring for an aquarium with piranhas is burdensome, better make them a gift for a passionate of the hobby or a pet shop instead of releasing them in a nearby lake. Their breeding is very easy and after this, many fish in the wild can die because of the ignorance of one person.

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