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Rising gold fish as pets was a known practice in ancient China starting as far back as in the year 1000 BC. If you have in mind their history and you’re thinking of buy fish of this species you should know that they do not love solitude. It would be better to buy a larger aquarium, so that you can allow your fishes to swim freely.

The Gold fish species is a relative of the lion head, tidy, are all subspecies of the Chinese roach, so their coexistence in the same aquarium is not a problem. What size tank should you have ideally?

If you have decided how many fish you want to buy, you should keep in mind the size of the aquarium, because the fish feel more comfortable in a larger environment. In general, it is said that an aquarium of 20 cm is ideal for a single fish; a 30 cm aquarium two fish can live well and in one of 60 cm even three. But remember: the fish grow, and the length of an adult fish can reach even 60 cm, and that should be taken into consideration before buying the aquarium.

The aquarium of the gold fish can be rearranged with sand, rocks, plastic plants, various ornaments, around which fish can swim freely. All this will make them feel better. The most important think to remember is to wash well all items before you place them in the aquarium.

At least one day before buying the tank fill it with water and let it warm until it reaches room temperature. Thus, the water evaporates all chlorine. After this step you can carefully, introduce fish in it. They need several hours to get used to new surroundings, so do not be impatient. In order to ease the process of adaptation, sprinkle water on the surface of dry food.

The secret of fish longevity

A healthy fish is a happy fish. To ensure your fish receive all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids they need, feed them 2-3 times a day with special food for fish, you can find it in stores. Fish like clean water. It is therefore advisable to change them some water at least once a week (complete change of water would cause a shock to fish). It’s very simple: empty a quarter with a bowl of water, and then replace it with warm water from the tap, not too hot or too cold.

The easiest way to figure out how much food you have on fish is to look carefully at the aquarium. Uneaten food should be removed from the surface. Gold fish survive well even 1-2 days without feeding, more so than supercharged. In fact, they last even two weeks without ‘food’, because in those days, they feed on algae and micro-organisms in aquarium. It is better to introduce a filter in the aquarium, to air and keep the water clean. The food you find in stores is based on natural products that are easy to digest and reduce the waste amount, which could contaminate the water.

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