Fish tattoos

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Although you might believe that fish are boring, I doubt you’d bag them in ink just to entertain yourself. What kind of mess is this? We catch, we reproduce, we trade with them, we entrap them, and now we scribble their bodies with a tattoo gun. The idea to tattoo fish came, of course, from an American with a vivid imagination!

The idea comes from Singapore, where an American dealer with great courage began selling tattooed fish. The merchant used a tattoo gun or a laser with a low intensity.

Little Albinos endured this dramatic change of color, since their body neutral monochrome was best seen inscriptions. Tattoo animal trader blue and red dots, stripes and hearts on the body colored fish, guppy fish for people to buy. The owner is trying to popularize American fish tattoos with sick ideas. For example, if someone would buy two fish for Valentines Day, these could pair to form an inscription “I love you”.

Feng Shui Fish?

News for fish tattoos spread like an epidemic: it is a business that can not be missed! Many of those who have adopted the technique didn’t paint dots on them, but they burned the main symbols of their religious culture: dragons, Chinese signs, and short prayers. The next step was Feng Shui! Fish tattooed with an appropriate inscription, accompanied by precious stones in the aquarium can be found in a passionate eccentric.

Small animal dealers in New York have managed to raise the attention of the world: buyers have been invaded by eccentric animals, the media and at the same time, many animal protection organizations. And finally negative advertising which is still an advertisement. Members of environmental organizations talk about animal cruelty, but the fish tattoo inventor actually says that this process helps animals by performing this action.

It is tattooing painful for fish?

Too bad no one asked the fish! Who would be happy to have a needle poke his skin especially if your body is as sensitive as that of an albino fish? It is true that we do not know if it really hurts them or not, but those of animal protection said that following this procedure more than half of the fish pier. In several states in America fish tattoos have already been banned, but coloring aquariums water is still approved. After several years, chickens were painted red and blue, the inventor was punished very severely, despite the fact he was not harming the health of the offspring.

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