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Ever since the Chinese have succeeded to tame golden fish almost 1,000 years ago the question if fish have memory has arisen. Thus, due to selective breeding of about 125 species over the course of hundreds of years, a breakthrough was finally made. Even thaw some people say, that no gold fish has a memory that will last more than a few seconds others are trying to prove these wrong. Thus, each place of the aquarium or pond is something new for them, because they remember the latter, in addition to the past or at least this is what some breeders concluded. Do fish really have memory? And if so, how can we determine whether or not a fish has memory?

Do animals, regardless of species, have long term memory?

A jay in the western part of America demonstrates memory completely and totally unusual. Near fall she gathers food for the winter. A single bird can raise ~ 35,000 pine tree seeds that she houses into piles of 5 seeds each which adds up to 7,000 places. The jay Memory is so efficient that she manages to find later all the 7000 hiding places where she hided her food reserve. Digging and eating seeds, thus managing to pass the winter.
Not many people are would be capable of such a thing.

Fish have memory, researchers say!

Jonathan Lovell, a member of the research team at the University of Plymouth (England), is convinced that some fish are able to memorize things because he was able to guide them to a place repeating the same sound. The researcher wants to leave free some captive fish, and then, with a sound-signal to call them back for feeding to supplement their natural food supply.

During his stay in Queensland, Culum Brown (researcher at the University of Edinburgh) studied Melanotaenia macculochi with red spots, a very beautiful species of fish. Their behavior of aquarium fish although already known, was compared to the others that war just placed in the same place. In the middle of the tank he placed a net across it. Fish newly brought in the aquatic space moved easily through the hole in the middle of the net because they knew that there is a danger in the (tank) and thus could focus on the real danger: the place! In contrast, fish which, typically, lived in that tank, didn’t remember any obstacle so they had difficulties; but after 11 months on a second test were able to escape more easily from the trap since they remembered well the delimiters place. In fact, the 11 months is almost a third of the three years of living of a gold fish. That is a long enough period for a fish to remember that situation that they only met once. Translated into human life of these 11 months would be 25 years.

Joicsi Ode, a researcher at Osaka University, studied highly over years the sensitive memory capacities of gold fish and is firmly convinced that they have a very good memory. It is a fact particularly given that food received in an aquarium is different from eating natural food for the body or has been genetically programmed.
Several researchers argue that the golden fish host images and recalls them; and if a stranger enters the room they shake the water in the tank.

Gold fish knows his host?

Some aquarium gold fish swim to the wall of the tank when someone enters the room. It’s probably a reaction to the person entering the room, and that a person will give them food, sooner or later. In other words: man = you get to eat. This teaching is called by association. In fishes, the feeding is associated rights. So, no matter how small, the gold fish has the ability to remember. Some fish are very sociable; they want human company and spend most of the time swimming peacefully around people. He observed and carefully followed what others do and learned. This is called social learning.

Fish lovers of music
There are fish that learns to recognize music. The explanation is that it can distinguish between sounds from the environment. Ava Chase of the University of Cambridge has learned a species of fish to distinguish between blues songs of John Lee Hooker and a Bach composition, using as their method the feeding with smaller fish. The music was broadcast through speakers in the aquarium water. Thus fish could classify songs by it’s type blues or classical music just from accessing their memory.

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