Epinephelus Striatus Fish

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Being part of the Serranidae family the Epinephelus striatus is represented by salt water fish like the perch fish. Epinephelus striatus are some of the largest reef fish species that have suffered one of the most dramatic declines during the last century, mainly due to over fishing.

This fish has a large rectangular body and a robust color ranging from dark yellow to rose red, depending on water depth – in small waters, up to 9 feet deep, the body has a reddish brown hue, the most its color is deep pink, red and sometimes orange-red. Over the background color, the body is crossed by numerous light-colored streaks, dark spots and patterns. The most visible of these are the five vertical brown stripes, “bracelets” brown near the base of the tail, there is a swimmer as a distinctive marking. Individuals have the ability to change their color patterns on the body, in order to resemble as much as they can with the environment or as a means of communication. The Epinephelus striatus grow to one meter in length and can reach a weight of 25 kilograms. They have a big mouth, which they use to “absorb” prey.

They live in large areas, but they prefer to be near coral reefs. Epinephelus striatus can be found everywhere, from the shore line and up to depths exceeding 100 meters. In theory, they are spreading in the western Atlantic Ocean, from Bermuda, Florida and the Bahamas in the north to the south, in Brazil, but can be observed only in a few places in the Golf of Mexico, and, especially, along the coral coast in Florida.

Since they are solitary fish, they feed during the day, mainly with other small fish and crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters. Spawn in December and January, always around the full moon period and always in the same places. In light of us, a large number of species Epinephelus striatus fish gather in a large mass spawn. One of the reasons why these fish are easy prey for fishermen as it is its reproduction – so that a large number of breeding fish are fished fit before he managed to lay their eggs. And other fish species closely related to Epinephelus striatus species are endangered for the same reason.

If you want to get one of these fish into your care you will need a pretty big aquarium that is why you will most likely see these fish in an aquarium park then in some pet shop.

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