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Freshwater fish account for the most commonly owned pet in the U.S., being a top choice as they are easy to care for, and they add color and beauty to all homes. But with so many species to choose from, how are you supposed to settle on only a few of them for your own aquarium? Find out what are the must-have species and why here!

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Pufferfish and the Golden Poison Frog are considered to be the most dangerous vertebrates in the world, as a consequence of the poison they have within themselves. Whereas Golden Poison Frog occupies the first place in this top, Putterfish are placed on a second position and it is explained by the toxic level of some of their organs.

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Nowadays, having a developed knowledge over some of the most amazing species of fishes we interfere with from one day to another, sooner or later, is a must to get the best understanding of it. The Danios fishes are some of them, so make sure to keep an eye on the following lines!

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Among the most handsome and active fish aquarium zebra fish are. You can recognize the blue horizontal stripes of the zebra fish with ease. Usually, females are slightly larger than males. There leopard white copies, and long finned fish. Valid name: Danio rerio; Description page: Hamilton, 1822 Synonyms: Brachidanio rerio, Cyprinus rerio, Perilampus Striatus Family: Cyprinides; Original size: 6 cm. Can live up to 5 years Area of Origin: Eastern Indian subcontinent. Today the species is reported (without being native)  [ Read More ]

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Nowadays, having a developed knowledge about the fishes we probably interfere with today is a must in order to know where to look for them. Not only are they tasty, but they are as well beautiful and a pleasure to have as a pet. Oscars are some of them, and here is what you need to know concerning their life.

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Nowadays, keeping up with the new and as well on the things we eat is a must in order to have a life worth living. In this case, whether you are looking for a new dish or just someone to look for every single day of the week, the Loaches fishes are some of the most beautiful to accomplish both of the tasks.

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Nowadays, having a developed knowledge of the pets we are likely to own sooner or later is a must in order to make the best choice. The Rainbow fish is one of a kind species, giving you nothing but the best combination of colors nature has been given to them for ages.

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Platys are fishes that live in shoals and even though other similar species like Tetras use to swim together, this rule does not apply to their case at all. At least, it is not usual for them to be seen swimming in group. They live in shoals and being part of a group is specific to them, but when it comes to swimming and looking for food, they do it individually.

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Many beginner aquarists’ chose to populate their aquariums with algae eating fish because they think these will solve their problems related to the permanent algae combat in the aquarium. Of course, they are wrong. Learn more about algae eating fish! There are very few beginners aquarists who do not buy Ancistrusi. I buy them but not because they will solve problems regarding the permanent algae combat in the aquarium like some beginners do. Then beginners, of course, remain disappointed and  [ Read More ]

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It is a shame that most people are scared by the diminutive killi even if they are among the more easily to maintain and multiply fish. Misleading rumors are an incredibly bad idea that encircles the killifish. It is still a regret because they are easy to maintain and reproduce. Water Parameters I always treat the water to get rid of chlorine, but only to kill species which are well in hard water and alkaline that comes from my tap  [ Read More ]

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