Aquarium tank types

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Whenever considering acquiring a new aquarium, before ordering / buying one, you should think twice, what do you need it for and only then follow that path.

Firstly we have to define the purpose for which we want to use the tank (quarantine, maternity, baby growth, adults or decorative aquarium, generally associated with more species). Then we have to choose the species of fish. On the Internet there are accurate data on all species. Most species don’t have special habitat requirements but some prefer shallow waters, while others’ suffer from claustrophobia if the water depth is less than 70 cm. Also, we can not associate peaceful fish with predators if the water depth is lower. Never order a pre-made tank, because none of these will meet your requirements.

Quarantine Aquarium

Whatever we do or whatever someone tells us we can never believe them when they will tell us that the fish we just got will get along with others that we have already. So that’s why it is required to put these new fish in a special quarantine tank for 3-4 weeks. It is recommended to not use natural plants or substrate for this type of tank. If we so desire, for beauty, we can use two or three artificial plants fixed the bottom. Generally, such tanks are low. For example, 35x15x25 cm, which means about 10 liters of water, or 40x20x30 cm, which includes about 20 liters of water. Whatever size we choose the lighting should only be around 8 or 10 W lamp, no more than to see the fish and monitories their health. I mention the fish, even if they are healthy, you should treat them as if they were sick. Those who show signs of disease should be removed and thrown away! Aeration should be done with only one fine bubble stone.

Maternity tank

It is also a small aquarium, they reach 10 to 15 liters of water (if the species has no other claims!). Lighting a lamp provided with an 8 or 10 W. Instead of sand substrate, place synthetic grass, fixed with a few rocks, and at the surface, a layer of natural plants – or according to special requirements! A water filter aerated by a simple sponge.

Aquarium for raising young fish

This time we need a special tank that would provide a relatively large volume of water and easy access to interior cleaning. I think the best are the “flat”. Here are two examples:
1) LxHxW = 62x35x20 cm, which fit about 35 liters of water illuminated by a lamp 18/20 W;
2) LxHxW = 40x30x20 cm, which fit about 20 liters of water illuminated by a lamp of 15 W

Aquariums where you place babies should be left without substrate, to clean them more easily. And as we look, they sit on the bottom or synthetic plants, natural herbs planted in pots or (small cups with sand), how to please the viewer. On the surface, let some natural herbs float, but not to excess. Water aeration can be done by only one or two simple sponge filters. We will not use external filters, because the risk of “moving” all the babies in the filter is too great! As babies grow, we can transfer to a normal aquarium.
Warning! A higher density of 5-10 small babies to a liter of water can lead to their death.

Common aquarium

Since we have our hands tied because of the size of fluorescent tubes basically have few alternatives. Theory says that the “ideal” is given by a length equal to the height multiplied by a factor of 1.5-2. That’s not too …
If you use tubes w 18/20, LxHxW:
64 or 62x35x45 cm – actually fit about 90 or 85 liters of water;
64/62x30x40 cm – actually fit about 67/65 liters of water;
64/62x30x35 cm – actually fit about 57/55 liters of water;
64/62x30x30 cm – actually fit about 48/46 liters water.

If you use tubes w 36/40, LxHxW:

125x40x50 cm (we can supplement lighting with a tube of 18/20, 36/40 not w) – actually fit about 220 liters of water;
125x40x45 cm – fit about 200 liters of water;
125x35x45 cm – fit about 175 liters of water;
125x35x40 cm – fit about 150 liters of water;
125x35x35 cm – fit about 130 liters of water;
125x35x30 cm – fit about 110 liters of water;
125x30x40 cm – fit about 130 liters of water;
125x30x35 cm – fit about 110 liters of water;
125x30x30 cm – fit about 100 liters of water.

An average aquarium can be used for larger babies or adult selection. But the actual amount of water – for reasons of economy – chosen by around 50 liters. No more!

Regardless of type, the tank must be located in a place where sunlight can not reach.
Support / aquarium table must withstand high loads. For example, a tank of 125x40x45 cm can reach a total weight about 500 kilograms!
Whatever our aquarium is utilized for, it should have a cover, to protect water from dust and / or from leaving fish (some species) love to jump out of the aquarium.

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