Aquarium Maintenance

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Once you have finished installing the aquarium with freshwater fish and you are really pleased with the way they look, not only you will remain comfortably sit and admire the colors and graceful movements of the tiny fish but you will also want to remain beautiful in the future as well…
Yes, these are the most beautiful times and to always enjoy the beauty of your tank you will still have to put some work into this in order to support him in looking so gorgeous. So what can you do?

If you want to have an aquarium with healthy fish and plants, clean water and no algae will affect your tank’s conditions. Once your aquarium water changes every week at a rate of 25-30% the nitrites gathered are eliminate but the retained chemical properties remain unchanged. A massive exchange of water can cause illness in fish because they do not have time to get used to the sudden change in water chemistry.

Usually in the process of changing water it is used a special pump with hose and funnel at one end at the bottom of the aquarium. The cleaning of uneaten food and fish processed food or their droppings are also realized by these method. This cleaning should be done thoroughly; if the water collects too many harmful substances the water changes its chemical composition the fish get sick and might die.

Also to not have problems with algae aquarium should be protected from direct sunlight. Algae will always appear in an aquarium, they settle on everything that’s setting and even on glass. There are various devices that clean glass aquarium tank’s, of algae that allow you to see clearly trough them, these can be found at any aquarium shop.

If a filter is not kept in good working order, these can suddenly stop, causing the death of the beneficial bacteria population (aerobic) housed inside it. If these bacteria die, the decomposition produces toxic ammonia and the fish that defecated in the water will be affected in turn and die.

Besides the previously considered major maintenance operations, there are minor activities to be carried out also regularly: removing lighting tubes dust and splash marks, replacing them about every 6 months to clean the glass cover facilitate the penetration of light, etc..
With a little practice, you can do all the maintenance operations it one time and it shouldn’t take you longer than 15-30 minutes.

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